The Team 

AltarNatives believe that getting the right celebrant is really important. Over the course of writing and performing your ceremony we will spend lots of time together and so we thought you might like to get to know us a bit better

Sam - The Barefoot Celebrant is a Family and Funeral Celebrant, Therapeutic Coach and Yoga Instructor. Having spent her career helping other people be heard, being a celebrant is second nature to Sam. Never happier than when in nature Sam is a gifted writer and creative soul. Sam will help you have a ceremony that will not easily be forgotten.

Sam is an international celebrant based in the UK 

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Paul Standbrook is a Family and Funeral Celebrant, MC and Therapeutic Coach. Paul has dedicated much of his life to supporting people. His work in the voluntary and community sector has given him the empathy needed to really listen and understand your needs along with the creative speaking skills to make your ceremony truly special. 

Paul is an international celebrant based in the UK

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Lara - The French Connection is a family and funeral celebrant living and working in France. 

Lara’s work in the charity and political sector have meant that she is very creative and sometimes quirky in her approach to celebrancy. 

Lara loves Love and delights in the extraordinary. Whatever the ceremony Lara will always go a bit further than the extra mile. Because people are what make her tick.

Lara is an international celebrant based in France

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Paul Norris is the technical and administrative hero of the team.

Living in France Paul is happier behind the scenes of your celebration. Very few photos of him exist.

He is the person that makes sure there are no technical hitches EVER (only matrimonial ones). An Engineer, inventor and creator of upcycled music systems he could be the person who adds that little bit of technical magic to your memorable day. 

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