Funeral, Memorial and Rememberance Services

AltarNatives celebrants know how heart-breakingly difficult it can be to lose someone you love. In our experience a ceremony that honours the life of your loved one and allows you to say goodbye is important to the grieving process. 

We listen carefully with respect and understanding to you and your family. We try hard to understand the essence of your loved one and how you would like them to be remembered.

UK Funerals 

We provide bespoke and natural funeral celebrancy, written especially to reflect your loved one. We mainly work within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Bucks and Cambs. Please talk to us if you would like us to go further afield.

Funerals in France

French funerals are quite different to UK Funerals. See HERE for details.  We mainly operate in the Orne and Mayenne department (61 & 53)

Memorial Services

Whilst there are some similarities between funerals and memorials, the key differences are that memorials can be held without the body being present and can be held wherever and whenever you wish. 

Whatever the reasons for choosing to hold a memorial, AltarNatives celebrants will work closely with you to prepare and deliver a ceremony which gives all those who cared for your loved one an opportunity to express their feelings for them, to celebrate their life and honour the difference that their life made.