Love Stories- Just when you stopped looking, it finds you

Love, it’s just unstoppable. I know that. But sometimes, in these times, I can lose sight of how magnificent it is and get bogged down in COVID! 

But it is there, waiting and nothing can stop Love when it decides to find you. Even if you have totally given up. In fact, I am sure that when you least expect it, when you have finally decided that you are just fine on your own, That is when Love is ready to find you. 

Because it is then that you can give yourself freely to it. You no longer need it, you simply want it. And you love yourself enough to love another person.

For the last few years, I have watched my lovely friend, Sophie, as she travelled around the world. She made the decision that she was enough, all on her own, and was going on an adventure. 

I watched in awe; The photos of sandy white beaches, mountaintop hideaways, and tropical vistas. She is also a journalist and so painted those pictures again in words, and I can’t lie, I was a bit envious. Meeting new friends along the way, but very much happy on her own and in her own skin.

After the big adventure, Sophie stayed in France with her parents but the travel bug had hit and so decided to go to New Zealand, buy a van and explore….

Like you do… If you are Sophie!

But she was wrong – Love had other plans and that was not the adventure she was going on at all. 

Almost as soon as she arrived, in fact, the day she bought the van she was at a friend’s house and met a man. Sophie knew that there was something there straight away, something very unexpected, and something a bit special. But COVID decided to make this adventure a little more interesting and so lockdown started and no phone numbers had been exchanged. Sophie decided that her adventures were calling and, I quote, “boys could continue to wait”! 

But Fate and Hope don’t give up that easily!

The very first weekend people were free to mingle outside their protective bubbles, who should turn up at a friend’s barbecue? The same wonderful man, and that same wonderful spark.


He took Sophie for pizza on the beach the next day and they have been together ever since.

So Sophie is on a new adventure, In her own words…

“We are very fortunate that the way the pandemic was handled in NZ has allowed us to develop a natural relationship and that we can actually spend time with each other in a normal way. Covid has still had its challenges…, But he’s always been there to support me through the times I am feeling down and lost.” 

“ It’s like I met my best friend and a little part of my puzzle was complete”

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