The extra breath - the one that means you own that aisle

You are standing at the edge of your aisle. You are wearing the perfect thing. Your family and friends may all be craning their necks for a better view and the flower girls (or boys) are about to throw those petals they have been clutching in their sweaty hands for 20 minutes.

 It is the moment you have been dreaming of for months, maybe years, maybe since you were six years old and had to pretend to marry your brother while wearing a net curtain on your head…Or something… Just saying.. anyway


Now I hope you are starting to realise that yours doesn’t have to be like other weddings. Whether you are the bride, groom or are making your entrance a couple  – this is where the magic starts. So lets make sure it is exactly as you want it.

Your wedding is a piece of theatre, the makings of which far proceed shakespeare, but you are the writer of this scene so make it your own.

Firstly, Throw away the outdated ideas (unless you love them) and decide how you want to make an entrance. Do you even want to? Would you like to sweep down a staircase? come in on a motorbike? ride up the aisle on a white pony? or drop from the sky on a parachute?

I was so lucky. I walked up a cliff path with all my female friends as my bridesmaids. The fog was coming off the sea, the sun shone down and as we walked we could see my groom and all of the male guests waiting in the distance. My beautiful grown-up sons wore shorts and held my hands. Locals stopped what they were doing and watched. It was perfect….for us.  So should yours be for you.

What do you want to hear? Do you want music, clapping, silence?  

What do you want to smell?

What do you want to see?

How do you want to feel? 

It is your day. You own the senses of everyone today.

Finally, That extra breath. 

No matter how you make your entrance take one extra breath. In for 10 seconds, Slow it all down in your mind and preserve it forever in your memory. 

That extra breath is the power. It is the breath that means you own this. 

This is your moment. So go ahead, breathe, look up, smile.

You’ve got this.

Lara Norris

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