Funerals in france

Arranging a Funeral in France can seem like such a daunting task. Even without the language barrier, it comes at a time when you long for things to be simple. You are grieving, everything in your life has changed and you may not have close family and friends around you straight away to give you support.

French funerals are different in many ways. In my experience they are often geared around a church service. Cremations, although becoming more prevalent are still not the norm here. I will expand on this theme in later threads but for now I wanted to put minds at rest on a few key points. 

The first piece of positive news is that the vast majority of funeral directors in France are superb. Kind, caring and professional. I recently dealt with a local funeral director who, in my opinion had exactly the right balance of kindness and compassion I would wish on all families who find themselves in this situation.

A good funeral director will help you to work through the legal process, and make all the practical arrangements. 

Where AltarNatives come in is to provide the funeral service that you would want for your loved ones and family. We are able to consult with the funeral director and crematorium, organise the service that you want and ensure that the traditions and ceremonies that you hold dear are performed to your standards. 

If you find yourself in this situation please feel free to contact us at anytime. We personally cover the areas 61 and 53 but would be happy to give advice and support to anyone at anytime. 

your are not alone.

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